The Invisible

Are you right?

  So my name is one of two

Some say it might confuse you

  Because though in person you can see

No one really knows me

  Behind a screen I shield my face

Because that is how I find my place

  Though I have dark brown hair

Does it matter who I am considering you might decide to care

  If only you could pin point who you wish for me to be

Well, then I’m assuming you’d see

  The person behind the screen

Could possibly seem 17

  The clothes I wear doesn’t define my gender

It’s like saying “here I surrender”

  Because saying I think I am who I am

Is somewhat a meaningless scam

  Glasses to help me see the destruction\'s of the world we live in

So how do I begin?

  Maybe one day I’ll let you win this little question

Did I forget to mention?

  Guy sweat pants are awesome yet I hate shopping like I hate it all

Now it’s finally your call

  So in your mind, Who do you think I am?