The Green Abode

I remember the sounds that old house used to make.. Sounds of old wood and rickity beams.  Sounds that every child fears in the night.  Even animals crawling in the ceiling sometimes.  The windows squeaked and the doors leaked air.  The house wasn’t impenetrable.  There was no security.  There was no need for it because we didn’t fear anything.  Our home was our fortress and our family dwelled inside it as the heart.  Such a place could never be duplicated.  It was a haven and we lived there until we couldn’t anymore.  

Now, being back in the real world, our lives seem stale and sometimes unsatisfying.  The wonder and majesty of our lonely canyon filled all the desire of the soul and the senses.

 I think back to all of the amazing things that I was able to withhold in my time there.  The smells, the sights, the roads unpaved that I walked down.  Creating my own trail and seeing the world in an almost distant manner.  It was bliss and I knew it, but never appreciated it as much as I do now.