A story that hides

Red lips
Dark hair
Small waist
Makes you stare
Can you see her?
She\'s right there
Can you see?
Secrets that she keeps?


She tells a story
A fable if you will
Practiced many nights
Always gets it right
She knows every pause
She knows every word
Never skips a beat
As her story she repeats


But its a lie
And she knows, too well
She tries to hide
An empty shell
Behind her dark hair
Behind her blank stare
Inside she screams
For help she pleas




Nobody asks
Nobody hears
She\'s all alone
With all her fears
No one to hold her hand
No one to help her stand
She will hide the truth
Make you see her youth


Take a look again
Can you see her?
Can you see the pain?
No, She knows you wont
Captivated by her beauty
Wow! She\'s such a cutie
She will smile once again
As her story she begins