Will watching you walk towards me ignites my arousal again?

Will I slowly surrender as your beautiful eyes gaze into mine again?

Will your hands gently hold mine as you guide me again?

Will I feel safe as you pull me deeply into your body again?

Will I become excited as your warm breath stokes my neck again?

Will I feel your craving for me flow through your lips again?

Will I become breathless as your lips, your tongue, your fingers softly explore my body again?

Will your mouth softly sucking my breasts build a frenzy within me again?

Will you pull me closer as you sink deeply into me again?

Will our intertwined bodies move in rhythm with our desires again?

Will the words and moans of pleasure escaping from me excite you again?

Will I gasp for breath as you begin to satisfy my passion again?

Will I cry out as you thrust me into ecstasy again?

Will I lie in your arms as our bodies sweetly throb back to reality again?


Will my tears flow as I wake alone from this dream again?