•• ••••

I waited for you to come by my door
Wasted in time to figure out your lies
I hope I wouldn\'t see your face no more
Left me hopeless, without the slightest goodbye
I needed to hold on to something that wasn\'t there anymore
Felt you near but you were so far away
Left me here without anything to say

I needed you now
I needed you here
I needed to see you live, and tell me that it continued without me
I needed you than
I needed you somehow
But I couldn\'t bring up the courage to tell you
So now we both leave our lives unspoken

Time goes by, and sometimes I still think about you
Hidden behind my white lies I told you, I wasn\'t about you,
Spent my life trying to fix it without you
Told you I was much stronger, and left you without me
But didn\'t you know
That I needed you here profoundly

-for you