Faith For Friends

Fits tune: St Stephen

(One tune to \'In Christ there is no east or west\')


We thank you Lord for fellowship

Shown, shared in deed and lip

Help us to love, not take granted

Folk you to us have led


Your love to all, salvation free

This their greatest need be

Whether young, old, whate\'er class, creed

Good Shepherd, you them feed


Protect us, keep from harm, from ill

Guide us in your right will

Strengthen each one, their needs daily

Do meet, tend to them, see


Times spent with friends and family

Grant they purposeful be

And that we share

With them Christ true

Draw them nearer to you


And if friendships they be short, long

May they be as a song

Melody sweet, loved ones commend

To you, them blessings send


Bring to salvation whole each one

Redemption work is done

By you, Lord Christ, the Father\'s Son

You welcome all, bar none