There\'s Every Kind of Beautiful

Verse 1

Whether I’m young or old, there’s a story to be told

Well above any claim to beautify

If there’s a wrong or right, there’s always a goal in sight

Let my perspective override



It’s time to take control, let every book unfold

It’s my worth to make my own

Let every thought release, no part of me compete

Let only upright seeds be sown

There’s every kind of beautiful


Verse 2

Whether I’m short or tall, there’s every wonderful

Of every shape and every size

Cascading curls to straight, long flowing or a braid

Let each be worthy of a prize





Let me find the goodness in me, to deserve and to love and be free

Come celebrate the beauty we see, let’s celebrate the beauty we see

It’s all my choice what to feel, my perspective taken is real

Every nation colour and creed, every nation colour and creed




Written by Geraldine Taylor ©