The Children of my generation are the worst ones yet.
The classes are full of laughter and the play grounds are.. playful
Even the teachers are happy.

You wouldn\'t believe a girl killed herself yesterday.
She set a warm bath with petals and roses, lit the candles and slipped in. She didn\'t remove her clothing but instead she rolled up her sleeves, slit her wrists and lay down to rest.

She must\'ve had a lot on her mind they say.
She should\'ve told us they say .
She should\'ve been a little stronger they say.
But what do they really know about her. About why she did what she did.
They\'re the ones who slit her wrists.
The ones who grabbed the blade and pierced her skin.
They cut her with insults and aggression
They pushed her into a corner that is impossible to escape from.
She felt isolated.

Her mother cries
Why couldn\'t they see that what they were doing was wrong?

But they did. They knew what they were doing but since they weren\'t on the receiving end they didn\'t care about the receiver.

I tried to warn her.
I tried to warm her frozen heart.
I tried to stop them.
But all they did was find another victim and move one

They didn\'t care about her.
I mean they didn\'t care about me .
So now I\'m gone. A piece of a worthless world disappeared..... But it all seems to be working fine.
No tears. No mourning. No farewells or good byes.

I notice now that no matter what I did it do I\'ll always be an isolated little girl