Krystal Brewington

How I Feel Deep Inside....

I\'m behind prison walls,

Shackled and chained,

Trapped, with no way out.

You have sucked the life out of me,

I have no interest in anything.


My life is so dull,

Darkness is all I see.

Marks and bruises cover me,

All from where you hit me.


My life is so full of Misery,

So very bad,

That I\'d rather die,

Then live one more day this way.


My heart is broken,

Like a puzzle in a million pieces,

Scattered on the floor,

Trying to piece it back together once more.


I feel like,

I\'m drowning in a sea,

Trying to find

My way back to shore.


But because my life

is so full of darkness,

I see light no more,

It seems so close, but so far away,


If I could just find my way to the door,

I\'d escape from those prison walls,

And I\'d finally be free, forever more.




   By: Krystal Brewington