Where are you tonight 

I would like a bedtime story

Also a kiss goodnight 

Mummy said you\'ve gone far away 

To live another life 

But you must be home soon

We haven\'t said goodbye 


Its getting late now 

Don\'t be long 

Tears are falling out of Mummy\'s eyes 

She\'s singing your song 

She\'s been crying for weeks 

Ever since you\'ve been gone 

Please come home

Help her stop 


Im scared 

Why aren\'t you here 

To chase the monsters from my bed 

To cuddle away my fears 

Be here tomorrow 

When I wake up 

So we can play games 

Have lots of fun 

We can walk to the river 

To our favourite spot 

To play eyespy and feed the ducks 


Come home 

Where you belong 

Tell me you love me in every word 

Mummy says you can\'t 

You\'ve flown above 

Up to heaven 

But you watch us with love 


I miss you 

When will I next see you

Forever seems so long 

Mummy says time will go quicker 

If I sing your song