Anonymous Human

Four Walls

The full moon leers among the trees,
The pines holding their clutches over me,
Their hands reaching through the skylight;
The only view of the world I used to know.
Now, all I know are these four walls and these four walls where I lay.

I stare at the ghostly light
Which fails to light my pale complexion.
My hair blends with the dark walls in which I am confined,
I blend to the world around and to these bleak, black walls,
These four walls where I lay

As I think of the world outside,
I scream in fear of being here forever,
No sound emits and my mind begins to wander,
My mind begins to fear, fear of what will happen,
Happen if I make it out; make it out of these four walls,
These four walls where I lay.

The world around me, so cold yet so warm, so dark yet so light,
As I stand alone in the middle of this crowd,
I look up to the sky - the only place that has been mine since I was trapped.
Trapped in mind, trapped in thought,
And now, trapped between four walls,
These four walls where I lay

I think of the life that used to be mine
But now, now I\'m a slave to my thoughts,
I try to calm myself - think of everything but here and now
It\'s what I do to distract myself from these four walls, the pain and hurt.
What once worked finally fails and now all I think of, all I can see is nothing,
Nothing other than these four walls.