Stress Free

                                        \"Stress Free\"


I\'m stress free, keepin enemies far away from me, 

I\'m talkin bout the ones Who close even my family.


I\'m grown at all Times, something that people claim to be,

It\'s parents who put lust over love but they to blind to see.


I live for right, an let others continue living wrong,

Even if it\'s my mother I have to let go an carry on.


I speak Blount so people hear the truth,  sometimes your plans don\'t follow through. 

You end up loving your enemies more an once again the joke fall on you.


Keep distance with ignorance, ignore people  stupidity, 

Child\'s of God understand each other, demons Argue for activity. 


Relax your Body, relax your mind so you can feel the spirit,

Stay focus n stay away from evil and you will actually hear it. 


Pray everyday be aware wen evil attack, scream I\'m stress free I\'m stress free, I promise it won\'t come back.#primetime