Miss Xtraordinary

Do I know you?

I see you in the corner,

Then our eyes meet.

And even by your look,

I can tell you\'re really sweet.

But I don\'t know you...


And so we talked,

I\'m a bit afraid.

But this time I promise,

I won\'t be betrayed.

But I like you...


You confessed you feelings for me,

I kind of like you too.

I may regret this later on,

Still I know it\'s true.

But I really do like you...


How can I tell you,

I love you more than my life?

Now I know for sure,

You won\'t stab me with a knife.

But I love you...


You said you love me,

I don\'t think it\'s true.

You had strike one,

Don\'t make strike two.

But I suspect you...


You lost my trust,

I don\'t believe you anymore.

If you don\'t change,

I\'ll go out the door.

But I don\'t trust you...


And so I did,

I left you alone.

You cheated on me,

I won\'t answer my phone.

But I hate you...


I see you in corner,

Then our eyes meet.

I\'m not afraid,

It\'s you I\'ll defeat.

But I don\'t know you...

And I never will.


-Miss Xtraordinary