emotional girl


My music blasts while memories from the past come flowing in

   I try my hardest not to cry, but then ask myself why

   why have I tried so hard to keep these feelings inside


These feelings I have tried so hard to hide can\'t confide

   and it\'s slowly killing me inside

   but I\'m not going to let you see me cry


No I\'m not going to give into these lies

   I\'m not going to watch myself die on the inside

   because I\'m not done writing all my lines


I have not yet lost because I have fought

   to keep what\'s left alive away from what\'s on the inside

   I intend to live because if I give in this was all for nothing


I am stronger now than I was then

   I\'m fighting my fight and still continue to live

   my battle is not yet over, but I will continue you until I have my disclosure