Sitting in the dark watching the candle light flicker
The time is now six ten in the morning
I can hear voices outside as they bicker
I think there is a crowd now swarming.
Sound is too faint to make out what\'s being said
But i know it will soon be a battle
I believe it\'s a fight that lies ahead
A fight in the minds of one who is phantasmal.
I look out the window but see no one
I still hear the argument getting more intense
I wish they would hurry & be done
When will the fight finally commence.
I can now hear the sound of war drums in the distance
& the sound of many thousands of marching feet
Both clans believe their gods have blessed them auspicious
& that they can not & will not meet defeat.
The sounds of clashing steel & bloody screams fill the air
As both clans fight for what they believe is real
Above all else, I can hear them in prayer
It all sounds so true, but yet it feels surreal.
Dead silence now engulfs the air around
Not even the sounds of nature can be Heard
I don\'t understand, I feel dumfound
The lines of reality & fantasy have become blurred.