Cyprian Van Dyke

To Remind

Your hair is like a pair of wings blowing in the wind,

Sharing this moment with a bald headed man like me.

You could have been anywhere you wanted,

But you responded to me.

You left the defenseless sky to be in the arms of a tree,

That’s rooted by the ocean.

As the wind picks up, like a wave out the sky,

You try to hold onto my arm, instead of fly.

It means so much to me to know you don’t want to leave my side.  

But as the sunset’s and every brush of wind paints the sky,

I know you must fly, high, like the ocean waves, kicking back the tide.

No words could be said, not even goodbye.

And though I’d give all the green I have to have you by my side,

I will forever hold this feather of yours that you left behind, to remain, to remind.