Standing By

I\'m  not sure how to put what I want to say
I envy people that get to see u everyday
Whats the message I am trying to convey
Gather all I have written into an essay
I can\'t see black or white only shades of grey
As I standby in the distance kept at bay
I tell myself where there\'s a will there is a way
I understand why you don\'t come with me and play
I still daydream of you as my mind has a field day
What I wish for and what is real is combatting with melee
Love for you impairs my vision like a blinding sunshine ray
To be with you there is no limit to the price that I would pay
How long will it take or will I ever make some headway
Will you ever open up your heart to me and put love on display
I\'m not asking to be your wife or to set a wedding day
Just know that if you ever wanted a good girl in your life to stay
You wouldn\'t have to search far or wide for one who would not stray
To be beside you always and forever would be the answer for what I pray