What Defines A Friend

What defines a friend
Someone on which you can depend
The last person you want to offend
They stand by you to the end
Will get you whichever way you bend
No matter what you say they do comprehend
Always offering a hand to lend
Having some time with you to spend
When going out they ask you to attend
Encourage you and watch as you transcend
Give and take to make a nice blend
Help hold the pieces together til they mend
Shelter you in a storming wind
They don\'t have to lie or play pretend
Worth more than any dollar amount or dividend
Kiss you on your mouth if it\'s twenty grand they winned
With you throughout the week and on the weekend
Good times making memories sets the trend
Take the shortcut and laugh at its deadend
Sharing what in a lifetime one can\'t expend
For keeps the finders do apprehend
Forever and always what defines a friend