Natures Wash Day....

      Natures wash day..

Watching this view with a steering wheel obstruction.
A focus-less scene, as the rain beats on down.
Passing people stare, as I\'m sat looking outward,
Wondering what I\'m doing, sat out here in the rain.
I watch the trails, water drops down the windows,
Two racing each other, to see who will come first.
That sound on the roof, is almost as music,
So different each bar, as nature plays it\'s new song.
Still so much life, though this day seems so dreary,
Birds searching their next meal, as the rain pounds the ground.
Wind flowing through a tree, to me the branches are waving,
Such a sight I see, leaves me simply amazed.
If I hadn\'t been waiting, for a delivery this morning,
I would of missed this time, to view \"Nature\'s wash day\"..