Dear Friend Your Real Name Should Be Move On

Dear Friend

Your real name should be

Move On

You need to do that because

I am not trying to hear that

I am so sorry but I am not trying to sit around here and

listen to you talk about that woman terrorist

that tormented  your heart for several years

I think you should pack up your bad love problems in 

a box and carry it to the post office and purchase

a express overnight delivery and send that package straight to hell

I think its time for you to move on

I think you waste to much time trying to be with someone who never loved you

Its sad because you are starting to repeat the same story after

you told me about this woman a thousand time

Its so bad that I remember everything you said

about her before you even finish up the last line

Don\'t take this personal about what I am about to say to you

I think you should go  see a love lawyer

I think you should  go see a love doctor

I think you should go see a love therapist

so they can help you sort out your love issues

Those three people I suggest to you to see they not me

and I am not trying to be

I think you should be careful of what female you choose in life

and most of all call 911 to heaven and seek

God so he can give  you strength in your heart and mind so you can move on 

Move On

Move On

Move On Friend


Date: July 13, 2017

Written By: ShanikiSmith