Suicide Note

Suicide Note.
I want to start off by saying
Thank you to those who have
Made an impact in my life.
But, clearly you didn\'t make
That much of an impact if
you\'re reading this.
If you\'re reading this know
That I had the utmost love for
But I am hurting.
Hurting a hurt I have never
Felt before.
A never ending hurt.
I\'ve tried taking medicine but
The hurt continues.
You can not help me.
I can not help myself.
My thoughts have officially taken over me.
My thoughts have been turned into actions.
From the day I was put on this earth,
I knew I was not meant to be here.
The auras of you people ring like
Sirens in my ears.
All Ive senesced is bad.
All i\'ve seen is bad.
All i\'ve done is bad.
So with my pleasure & dignity.
With all the pride I have left in me.
I am here to say it\'s over.
The pain & suffering from
Something I can not describe, is over.
The torment of my own thoughts, will be over.
Thank you for discovering this.
Thank you for reading this.
Know that my soul will linger on
& you will never be alone.