Cyprian Van Dyke

Court On High Seas

I’ll make that cruise yet.

I’ll be with her by sunset.

When birds fly in m shapes in the sky.

And dolphins spring like mermaids.  

I’ll be by her side.


When the breeze runs through her hair,

I’ll be there to hold her hand.

When she walks along the rails,

We’ll be paired.


I’ll be on the deck to hug her and guide her steps,

As strobed stars blaze and the full moon fills the sky.


I’ll be, in the picture, she’ll see,

Holding a star in a little black box on bended knee,

On an ocean full of stardust,

With her facing me,

With white vapor escaping her lips formed by the vibrations

Of the word, “Yes!”


And around us,

The hands of the passengers turn into light,

Due to the speed of their applause.


It’s at this time I wonder her reaction.

When she’s looking at the photograph,

After years of us having been married.


Wondering in her heart

If it’d save our marriage.