Later nor grater

my maker, my sustainer,
that which protects me from danger,
it feels like I\'m held together in a container,
can I come back to see you as a favor,
for how long should I wait for you my savior,
I look up and smile for I know I laugh at my own behavior,
you fashioned me so beautifully for you are my creator,
and sometimes I wake up happy and so as nature,
and sometimes I cry for I feel like a traitor,
if my day isn\'t too please you then it\'s a failure,
from the man I helped to the smiled I showed to my neighbor,
in a world of a restaurant that serves kindness I am a waiter,
for those who don\'t understand you I am forever your translator,
it\'s like a paint that forgot it\'s own painter,
I may not be a prophet but I will be your conveyor,
in a city that\'s lost I will be taking the role of a mayor,
Life is like a journey and every time we move we go through a layer,
when I\'m connected to you no soul is a stranger,
when my heart is with you I feel so much grater,
to be honest I wished I can be with you sooner than later.