Azura Nightsong

The Storm

Peasants huddle in their huts
As the sky turns to black
Army amassed on the border
They\'re never turning back

Conquere stamds at its head
Fluttering cloak of dark grey and blue
His gaze a piercing strike of white
Planning to turn this land anew

They\'re just a speck along his path
Insignificant, impudent, bow to your gods
Do they not realize there\'s nothing they can do?
But join their cowering cousins, stop facing the odds.

I bask in the radiance that he casts
While they only see dark, I see so much light
A contrast never noticed before
A need to hold that amount of might

Power collide and the force shakes the ground
The pounding of feet and howling battle cries
Explosions of light leave devastation in its wake
He gets what he wants and I still question why

We have no chance of winning and yet they still fight.