I have this theory


That the moment a person actually breaks


The moment someone\'s heart


Just cracks


Isn\'t when they find out the person they love doesn\'t care anymore


It isn\'t when that person







In my experience


Everyone leaves





But that moment


When someone\'s heart just stops


And sinks into the ground


And they can\'t hide their broken pieces anymore...


That\'s when they realize


That it doesn\'t matter who they date...


It doesn\'t matter who buys me dinner,


It doesn\'t matter how many guys I fuck-


A blur of faces meant to erase yours-


Because none of them


Will ever be





It\'s that realization


That no matter who I\'m with


I never get to be with you


Ever again



And so we are left


With these memories


That cut like a knife


But are too precious to let go of



And so it seems


Love really is


The most effective form of self harm