Aaliyah Gisele

All over my body...

You were all over me, touching me inappropriately, but I liked it,

You touched me between my legs and I liked it,

You were turning me on but I felt a little stupid,

You fingered me while we was leaning against a door, in the hotel, 

You were sucking on my neck and biting and licking my neck and you left a hickey, you marked your territory,

You smacked and grabbed my butt and I enjoyed it, 

You grabbed my breasts and pinched my nipples, god did I love it ! 

You sucked on my left breast,

You say on the bed in the hotel room and laid back and grabbed me and made me sit on you,

I was a little nervous because nothing like this has happened to me before, 

On June 23, a day after my birthday, you grabbed my butt and I got a little wet, 

I swear I want your tongue on me again, 

You asked me in the hotel room if I wanted to do something and I said no because I know better than that,

I wanted it but I didn\'t take it, 

I caught feelings for you, 

I blurted out to a few Friends what you did to me but I didn\'t tell them the full story, 

I just told them you nibbled on my neck and my breasts and that\'s it and you, you told it all....

You made me feel guilty and slutty even though I\'m still a virgin and we never did have sex but because I allowed you to touch me when we weren\'t at the right place.....

I wanted you so bad, but I don\'t know, I realized that was just lust between us,

I\'m not looking for lust, I\'m looking for love....