kevin browne

Sticks And Cons.

Sharpen up a little when the blunt end sticks its nose in
Falling from the sky is when a parachute failed and died
Climbing ladder after ladder as if the snakes were biting
Left on an island surrounded by the sound of a mothers cry
That interference tickled up a fancy idea as if it was king
Being sat in a lonely old place where cockroaches slime
And in stepping on those torturous moments a mind dries up
Collared in the corner with the handcuffs tied up with conviction
Crabs hide underneath the octopus who ate from a dinner plate
Sticks and cons who fooled the world into believing every new
And as my elder sister slept on the idea that I would never die
A conclusion from Aristotle who wrote about writing books
Clouded vision with artists brush but we can make it better
Life shows up in a packet of cigarettes who starved a voice
Battling with dimensions in a 101 letter word in every world
A dispensation when time took the ruling to control everyone
For its forever your turn to think and have a go at putting it on
Falling off the cliffs of Dover make sure you sing a heavenly song
Picking up the pieces which every man had entered in for gaining
A tribute to us who live with the idea of really giving it all
Poet\'s pens have ideas only Gods gift can really make it happen
Holding the truth in your hand has always been a deceitful place
Walking on the footprints of my own I still stand to grow alone
This world is going crazy and becomes more difficult with patience
Crosswords invent another script for who will ever win the day
Placed on a throne fitting any extraordinary dog with a bone
And so in cheering for existence when we all led down to pray
Crying shameful hints into believing that nothing is ever true
Stand on some ground where the critics have no point of view
We will win a day if even it is a small present that gets locked in
Pick a flower for yourself and in doing so give it to a child to love
We live together when a torrential rain turns up and hits the ground
I sit by my window watching people on a life merry-go-round.