Poetic Dan

Testimonial of my healing session

To give this testimonial validity, I must tell you a bit about myself.
I\'ve been getting help from a very young age, starting with the doctors and the prescriptions they gave, then on with the counselors and therapists too; trying to figure out if they can help my emotions be controlled and the memories I have.
Throughout the years I\'ve managed to cope with it all, but someday those memories are still getting triggered and I\'m back to where I was. The only peace I found that worked for me, was just writing it all down, somethimes in verse.

22 years later I was offered some help something that nobody else had show me before, for this I was sceptic I\'m not afraid to admit; as I now work with dog\'s and people with psychological and behaviour issues.

Once I turn off my over analysing and analytical brain, the help that was given is hard to explain.
I\'ve been given the tools to now help and understand, when my triggers go off I can know what to do.
My road is still long, to healing the parts that were broken; with Sandra guidance I now see it is possible and so much more. What I owe to her is to stay strong and truthful to myself, with an open mind of what can be done.

If you\'ve tried all you can, but never this, then left go of fears or any beliefs. What\'s the worst that can happen, you\'ll not lose anything.
 I\'m truly grateful that I did.