Oh Yeah

I fade into  
your inhale  
only to sleep  
in your  
to illume
your throb  
from within  
you want sin  
hellish relish  
elusive illusion
of confusion,
warm sunrises  
into your  
magic button  
of wonder,
I am your  
third eye  
I am your  
I will be this  
hypnotic wave  
of unwavering  
internal infernos,  
you will  
buckle from  
seductive invasion  
like a thousand nations  
marching into  
your reservoir  
of orgasmic charm,
you will feel  
my thunder  
Mt. Olympus  
I will steal  
your breath,
freeze it in  
suspended contrails  
until you hiccup  
on the intake  
opening the  
flood gates.  
within yourself  
to find this itch that
makes you quiver  
broken shivers  
in heated onslaughts  
of vivacious delivery.
Palpitations fester  
and regulate  
your breathing  
your texture receding  
to oceans of ecstasy  
I taste you
like I\'m drinking  
from the
palm of Yahweh,  
immersed in  
your hedonism  
born again clarity  
baby baby
give it all to me  
drench me clench me  
bury my face into your  
valley of honey,
la petite mort
on the tip  
of my tongue  
absolute whimpers,  

your undulating  
my last meal  
oh what a feast.  
Hips thrusting  
as you contract  
around my shaft  
sending ripples  
titillating tickles  
soon my seed  
will spew and trickle,  

down to the
base of my groin  
dampen me
with your deluge  
of sensuous cream,  
fuck that together  
lets paste each other\'s
face don\'t waste,
I will not cease  
until you contort  
from within  
crease and sleep  
in the pulse of Ra.


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