\"When I Close My Eyes\"

When I close my eyes will you guide me to the light?

Will I see the glow of your face and know the truth or maybe a lie?

Will my spirit leave me and my body die?

Will I lay in the ground like so many before and never walk in another world beyond?

That\'s why we should all explore the earth and enjoy our lives.

When we die do we really rise again and walk up the staircase to another space and time?

Do we stay in a dark hole never to see light again being visited by family and friends?

I wish someone who passed on would enlightened me.

It hasn\'t happened yet but I guess I will have to wait and see.

Like so many others getting older makes you question more.

But then again I have way before during my younger years I questioned a lot.

So many questions no answers yet not knowing is hard but living is great.

Live,love,laugh and have fun cause this may be one world only.