I Give You What I Deserve

A breath feels like forever

As my feet burn upon this desert floor

Lost within the path of life

Baron to die alone


There is no god where I reside

For this is my hell I have created

The life I feel I deserve

To life I have surcum 


My bloods rains down like a desert storm

Spreading amongst the white sand

Leaving me helpless

Leaving my tongue dry

And my body lifeless

In which I can no longer overcome


The fight is no longer important

Because I am truly numb

No longer able to feel love

Without a soul

Rendered hopeless

Only trying to get by

Trying only to lie here and die


I cannot hear your voice

I cannot see your hand

Why are you trying to help Me?

Why can you not accept what has come?

This blade cuts deeply

Leaving me to tend to my wounds

Leaving me to busy for you


Leave me worthless

Search for your own truth

For I have traveled wrongly

You can no longer trust my hand


I have chosen a path

That I deserve

For I have failed you

Made life harder for you

Because I have wronged

Broke you with that in which I stand

Selfishly hurting you

Slapping you senseless with an unjust hand


I pray for you softly

For this breath is too hard

Let me die painfully

To repay you in the only way I can

I give you my life

Not lightly

You may laugh at my misfortune

For today I give closure

Cut off my guilty hand