\"Life Is Bittersweet\"

Life is bittersweet.

The sun is shining but sometimes there is ice under my feet.

The rays of the sun are warm but underneath a deep shadow surrounds my heart.

My mind has thoughts that are like dark coal that burns my brain.

Is it unfounded the feelings that I have?

Friends and family have gone up to the light.

When we get older you can\'t but think.

Where will I be tomorrow?

Sometimes my heart just sinks.

Knowing when your younger mistakes have been made.

Then the struggle is over when you reach your goal.

Then six feet under you are in your grave.

So many people died this year.

Can\'t help but think how much more time?

Is my time near?

I know I\'m not sick but it is depressing to know.

Many people are ill and I hope they don\'t go.

I guess I am lucky to be in good health.

Life is bittersweet (Chocolate and Lemons)

Which one will I eat?