kevin browne

Whispering Ghosts.

As indeed a course is made for the path to write its opinion on
Stripped apart from desperation is the ground for unforgiving
A life straightened up concluding there was an ability to fight
Caring for the years that lay ahead and finding their doubt
Dispersed divisions calling in the images of the always impossible
Sickening slopes are falling beneath the staircase towards eternity
Whispering ghosts are shivering in the darkness of their dreams
Concerning information for mindless emotions that somehow cry
Arms crossed, knuckles clenched and with wrinkles on a frown
Anywhere thoughts may take you that a wonderful world is born
Mounted on a mantle piece for the architect to rip out a heart
Following instinct instructed the myth of the Ouija board to die
Monopoly imports floating across the riddled parts of Bermuda
Inside a bottle of empty begins the event of it never happening
Steps are taken and hold fortunes for other strange dimensions
Tingling sensations are feeling the effects of when the fire stopped
Increasing numbers to work out the new physical particle parties
The birth of those Jesus Christ\'s who managed to string it all in
Astonishing flights of manoeuvres strayed over what\'s wrong
Saying something at a school with teaching thought how to rule
When the brothers and sister take over the world for survival
Success in dealing with the appointments that ensure philosophy
Copying carelessly from rituals from the grave staked out on pegs
Then graveyards appeared to be scared of who was coming next
Turning figures of liberty featured behind the scenes of disasters
Volcanoes are furiously burned to cinders with the ashes sealed up
Drinking souls of huge consequences bouncing from here to there
Fill in the areas missed but there again can never be remembered
structured departments flowering in scents of disarray distractions
Keeping up with the intentions a planet has its direction in space
Forever calling a tear to come back and wipe away the attraction
By far a free time spent alone can make the most of important
Living spiritually and enhanced with the illusions of its reality
Left outside for the memory fades and will always walk away.