Broken Deeper

I know I’ve fallen deeper

Since you left me broken

Clinging on to final hope

Please say we haven’t lost it

My beating heart in one piece

But with cracks in-between

Blood seeping through

Starting to make me see

The painful truth that lies beneath

Stinging me like a ray

I try not to think that way

Only remember the good

Who you used to be

Not the uncontrollable change

That left me in tears throughout the night

Only because of our unspoken goodbye

We both know you walked away

For no reason has been explained

You said you loved me

But that must be a mistake

If you felt that way

You wouldn’t have thrown me away

Just seeing your face

Turns me to ashes

In the laughter of your flames

Somehow I feel to blame

Maybe I should leave now

Maybe I should walk away

Before I’m broken by anymore pain