NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...


i hate you dad 

more than before coz 

you weren\'t there

and for that i hate you more


met in february

it was going okay

you had a game

that i didnt want to play


you broke my heart

and broke my soul

and now theres nothing left

but a big black hole


where my heart used to be

cause you fucking ripped it apart

you told me to die and called me names

you stupid old fart


and i hate you dad

16 years you were gone

always blamed my mother

told her she never belonged


youre a drunken bastard

and a complete fool

and i hate you so

stop using me like im a fucking tool


im out your life now

done and fucking dusted

whats another 16 years eh?

face it \"dad\" you got busted!!!