Your Face

I look at you,

and I can see it in your face.

Your eyes have seen many wars.

You try to hide it,

but I see you.


I see the hurt.

The dark circles beneath

the windows to your soul.


I see the quiet plea

dancing on your bottom lip.

You’re too afraid to be heard,

because you’re afraid of what

comes after.

The hurt.


I just want to take you,

and wrap you in my arms.

I want to hold you, console you.

Tell you things that you’ll believe.


But you don’t seem to believe

in anything anymore.

You have been deceived,

far too many times to count.

So, I’ll just look at you.

And I’ll continue to see

the pain in your fake smile.


And I will smile back.

And I’ll hear the attempted deception,

when you tell me you’re just tired.

I’ll lie and say “Me too.”


But we both know,

that’s a load of crap.


I know that you’re broken inside.

I can see it in your face.


- I’m broken too