Secret Place

I know of this very secret place

Hidden away snugly in no-man’s land

Without substance, body, or face

But nevertheless, looking so grand


Mirrors floating along every wall

Reflecting reflections, rainbows of light

Hedges of thorns forbidding and tall

A thought of flowers, eternal delight


Secrets within secrets never to be told

Silvery cobwebs holding up morning dew

Creaking floor beams way beyond old

Paintings of ancients nobody knew


Hewn into reluctant slabs of hard rock

Is a room where time flows more

To the beat of a grand-fathers clock

Hidden behind the heavy oak door


That is my so very secret room

Where I can use my precious mind

To create a life of love or of doom

And exciting scenarios of any kind


In that secret room away from it all

I am out of body, purely soul

Don’t have to worry about the banal

Am absolutely perfect and whole