P.X. Vexxus

Gemstone Serpent

A brilliant statue of golden illuminated scales dances effortlessly in the sky

Twisting and turning like a bird changing air currents as if it were alive

Enormous in it\'s stature it blocks out the sun with powerful wings of luminosity

Flames of a dozen colors lick the air, sizzling with a hint of animosity


An evil shadow shrouds the village as the gemstone serpent soars overhead

Roaring with a thousand echoing voices, the world turns silent with dread

With a sudden shift in posture, it dives like a freshly loosed flaming arrow

The people scatter like ants beneath its hungry gaze, calling for their hero

Like a meteor, the serpent crashes into the earth with an explosion of dirt

Tendrils of fire stream from the crater as the houses erupt in bursts

Unseen mangled screams of anguish fill the scene from covered smoke

With a flap, a gust and a roar of fury, it separates air from choking cloak


Villagers stare in awe at the legendary creature standing ominously before them

Scales of crimson ruby glisten behind a furious glare of murderous intent

One brave villager steps forward, adorned in polished silver mail

The hero draws a sword, raises his shield and prepares to fail

The dragon charges forward, lashing out with tooth and claw

The knight lunges back, narrowly missing a bite from its maw

It spits fire of molten lava, melting the armor to his skin

Burning alive inside his armor, his flesh sizzles beneath his grin


Defeated and broken, he places his sword into the earth

Stumbling and shaking, he limps to the burning church

He returns with a large ruby stone in his trembling arms

He places the egg at it\'s mother\'s feet, safely unharmed

The crimson dragon solidified into a glimmering golden statue

Caressing her ruby egg against her breast, love forever true

The legends tell not a tale of a ferocious and unstoppable creature

But of a gemstone serpent, who wanted to protect her piece of nature