It doesn\'t seem to matter
Which stories I replay
She doesn\'t really listen
unless she hears her name

It\'s hardly unsurprising
From our encounters
She only takes
Any little detail
That will increase her fame

My soul is on fire
My blood is on the knife
my wounds to keep you warm
In the middle of the night

My love has frozen over
My heart has turned to ice
my numbness takes your punches
Disguised as good advice

We converse
with great composure
Though your concerns
You do express
and If no treasures found
That\'s where our
journey ends

You stalked me
Like a lioness
Hiding in plain sight
You went in for the kill
Thinking finally he\'s mine
I\'ll take what he has left
He\'ll look good by my side

What you fail to realise
Is how my mind does work
Is beyond any description even i can comprehend
You think yourself a lioness
My friend you\'re still a cub
I see your every move
I\'m the Eagle up above

So you can spin your riddles
And you can play your games
One day you will see
I\'m the water that
Let\'s you sail
One day you might find
Me unforgiving
To your blame.