I\'m strong

I\'m strong 

I\'m a woman that can handle everything even though I\'ve been through a lot in my life I know that showing weakness is not me 

I\'m stronger than that and I\'m going to show my kids it\'s good to be strong 

I\'m strong

I\'m a fighter

I\'m smart

I\'m brave

I\'m scared that I\'m going to break down in front of my kids and cry

I have scars that show that I been abused  

but I don\'t let that hold me back 

I\'m scared  that my kids are going to see me cry and I don\'t want to show them that mommy is weak but sometimes  it\'s ok to cry 

you don\'t have to be strong all the time

I\'m scared that my abuser is going to come back 

I\'m scared that I\'m going to have a flash back in front of my kids  

I know that my kids will be there for me no matter what mommy has been through my kids will always love me 

I know I\'m loved 

I know I\'m happy 

I know I\'m a good mom 

I know I\'m a good wife 

I know I\'m strong 

I know It\'s ok to cry 

I know It\'s ok to be scared 

I know It\'s ok to show weakness sometime 

I know It\'s ok to break down 

because you know your kids and your husband will always be right there by your side 

to help you through it all.