Nothing to me.

A family member

With memories of which id rather not remember.

You are not a good person.

And as time goes on my thoughts of you worsen


Forgiveness in this world is common

But to me that act with you is foreign

i know , People make mistakes

But yours are just such a disgrace


Its funny how you fuck up , and not just once or twice

But you’ve ended up doing it my entire life!

How could I look at you a different way

When I hear the sour words you often say.


You shout it to echo around the damn house.

I quote you shouting “shut your mouth!”

How you speak like that to anyone I do not know

I thought to myself you’ve just hit an all new low


Now We might be relations by blood

you cant choose family, but I wish I could.

For I am nothing like you

for Your selfish and wrong in everything you do


When you took your vows , till death do us part

Did you have to go and tear them apart!

so When you speak to me I always feel sickened

I wish to myself I didn’t have to listen


But they forgive you every time.

Well not me because that night you crossed the line

The drink. The lies. The words. The drugs.

Go run back to your family of fucking thugs.


You’re a tramp and a scum

just Pathetic and dumb.

and You done this yourself but you still cant see


It was you who made you nothing to me.