Liam Gordon

I Want You to Know

My Love, 
I want you to know about, 
How many times I imagined, 
What we\'d be doing if we, 
Were to see each other at, 
That very moment. 
Or about the times when I, 
Wanted to wake up in a, 
Dream that would be filled, 
With nothing but you. 
And then I want you to, 
Know about the times, 
When I thought I was too, 
Clingy and too normal and too, 
For you. 
My Girl, I want you to know, 
About the times when I, 
Broke down and prayed like, 
I\'d never prayed before. 
For me to be right for you. 
And I want to tell you, 
That the other day, 
I smelled something just, 
like you. 
You should have seen! 
How fast I reacted! 
I jumped out of my skin! 
Because my hair wasn\'t brushed! 
And my clothes, 
Looked like trash. 
And then I\'ll tell you, 
About how my day was, 
Ruined because you, 
Weren\'t there! 
And all I want you to say to yourself is\' 
\"He really does love me.\" 
I want you to know, 
About how beautiful you are! 
I want you to know how blessed I am! 
Just to see the glimmer in your eyes! 
And I want you to know how, 
I feel after I, 
Think i MIGHT, 
I MIGHT have embarrassed you! 
I want you to know about, 
The nights I BEGGED God 
For me to dream of you! 
Because I missed you. 
So much. 
Only to miss you even MORE! 
The next morning. 
I want you to picture me, 
Screaming and yelling, 
This poem. 
Because words are only writings. 
And they\'ll never amount! 
To the Emotions that are raging, 
When I write this. 
They\'ll never show, 
The pain and sadness I feel, 
When that, 
Or that dream, 
Or a little glimpse of you, 
Isn\'t there! 
And now I hope you know, 
How much I love you.