Leader Of The Pack

There isn\'t

anything you can say

to mend

the wounds you left behind.


The simplest of words

Band-Aids or poetry

can\'t heal the hurt

you gave me.

You are nothing but poison in my veins.


I\'m sorry I am

not the perfect porcelain doll

you always wanted

I\'m sorry I am not the

pretty face you crave.


All you do

is hurt me

by smashing my heart

to the ground.


If I could change the past

would you accept me 

for who I am?


Would you numb my pain?


Am I good enough?

Am I worthy?


You left me

with nothing

but empty promises


all you gave me 

nothing but dried up tears.


You claim to love me

but how you show love

nothing but pain.


you claim to love me

yet you leave me here

alone surrounding

in eternal suffering.


Am I worthy?

Am I just a vacant shell to you?

I\'m sorry I\'m not the miss perfect

you wanted.


You threw me

to the blood thirsty wolves

Yet I came back as the

leader of the pack.


Does that intimidate you?

Are you scared?


You should be scared

because I will hunt you down

if you stand in my way!