My Silver Tongue Friend:

I can see those tears your trying to conceal

As they seep from your weary eyes,

You do your best to hold them back

But your efforts are still recognized.


For the pain that you suffer from

It\'s written all over your face,

And the struggle that you battle

They both seem to interlaced.


Your still aware of your surroundings 

So you use your shirt tale as a disguise,

To cover up your hurt and shame

While wiping those tears from your eyes.


All is unfair in love and war

For they both have their casualties,

And as you fight for your diginity

Those fallen tears reveal your brutalities.


It\'s a never ending love affair

Between a breakup and a heart,

Because until you finally get it right

False promises will always fall apart.


I wish there was more I could do

To patch up your broken spirit,

But the symptons of your grief

Leave you hopeless and incoherent.


Yes, I could just turn my head

And forget everything that I saw,

Those cold and lonely tears of yours

As they drip from your lower jaw.


Or how the fear within your voice

How it manages to take control,

Of all your thoughts and emotions

That\'s in your body and your Soul.


But I\'m paralyzed to leave the scene

Of such a tragic and horrible act,

So I\'ll volunteer my useful services

To make sure your confidence is intact.


For more sunny days will come to you

And evaporate your moisten tears,

Your rejected feelings will smile again

When your sorrow has finally cleared.


I hope your vision is not impaired

Cause your the fairest of them all,

And one day soon you\'ll find true love

Says your mirror mirror on the wall.