DARKter Seuss...

The Kid\'s wake up 

Already dressed bright and early,

Sweaters with polka dots

And skirts with squirly\'s

At the table the kids complain,

\"Not pancakes and toast again.\"

Dad says \"eat your fucking breakfast,

Or get locked in the pen.\"

The kids struggle, but finish,

Just a little battered and bruised,

Stay tuned for the punch line,

The plot twist and ruse.

The kids make haste through the kitchen,

Behind them, slams the door,

Mommy turns around,

Looking down the wrong end of a bore.

Back goes the trigger,

\"Click,\" says the hammer

\"I guess it\'s your lucky day,\"

Daddy says, far from enamored.

Mommy cries crippled,

Lying flat on the floor,

While daddy stands above her,

Laughing, Laughing and Laughing some more.

Daddy walks away,

While the neighbors watch frightened,

Mommy swings from the ceiling,

As the rope begins to tighten.

\"Somebody call the cops,\"

Screams a woman, bouncing off the walls,

\"I will make the call,\"

Says the tall skinny one, the only one with balls.

In slide the coppers,

1 cop, 2 cops, 3 cops and 4,

The standoff lasts for hours,

Hours and hours and even more.

The girls come home, 

Just in time to see,

Daddy with one round left,

And down on one knee.....