The Snowstorms of the Heart


Eyes widen and the cold takes over.

You can’t take back what you’ve said,

you can’t take back what you’ve done.

You cannot take back the damage,

but you hope, you wish, you pray

that you could.Eyes widen, words grow

shorter, leaving a million miles between.

And it’s colder now. An endless chill.

Snowstorm, blizzard flowing between

you two. Freezing, stiffness, quiet, end.

But the cold is left, freezing your bones

because your heart is already a stone,

touched by nothing but the angry

hands of the ice, consuming you

whole. Eventually, you’re gone. From

them, from yourself, from all of it.

Over, done, frozen. Numbness,

melting, warmth. And then you do

one of two things: Find yourself

or find somebody else.