Anthony R Chancellor

The Dreamer

A wandering soul travels the world alone,

The wander dreams of peace and happiness for all,

But all it sees is hurt and pain,

The wander wonders if another soul shared his dreams,

The soul searched and searched till he found an angel all alone,

She was hurting and needing comfort,

The wander asks her why are you crying?

She replied saying I have done a terrible job of keeping peace,

And the wander replies saying it is not the rulers fault but whom dwell within their lands,

She looked at the wander and replied i guess so,

The wandering soul and the angel went down to the world to fix the problems that occured,

As the angel watched the soul comfort the people she started warming up a little,

When the job was done the wandering soul said my job here is done,

The angel looked at the soul and asked do you have to leave?

The soul nodded and she asked can I follow you?

The soul responded saying you may but you can never return,

She nodded and followed the soul around the world.