Are you next ?

How do you fix a heart that is already broken?
Every day gets harder and it seems like you\'re choking
Don\'t pick up these pieces you\'ll cut yourself deep
I\'ll feel no remorse as you sit and weep
I\'m just a child that has seen no love in life
My father felt nothing for his beloved wife
He only knew of torture and broken promises
And that is the reason for my unforgivable choices
Don\'t be fooled, I was not always like this
I always yearned for love, a hug and a kiss
But when you\'re neglected as a child
You have all these emotions in your heart that just get piled
Then one day you explode and you\'re left empty
Now I feed off the hearts that are full of purity
Don\'t tell me I\'m wrong for being like this
Everyone turned me into this monster
Let\'s hope you are not next.