Accidental Poet

The Poetic Tree


There upon the hill

A colossal tree

Surrounded by fields of grass

Underneath sit poets like you and me


And there on each branch

A poem to be read

With hundreds of branches

Words from hearts that bled


Poets that live in the dark

Poets that live in the light

The passion that thrives

Giving reason to write


Emotions that simmer

Like an all-day stew

Waiting on time

To be called on cue


The source of all these poems

Grown from deep roots

Each root a poet

Sent to the branch a poetic fruit


Talented poets who found

My poetic side

Nourished in confident Earth soil

Overcoming the urge to hide


So take your place

‘Neath the poetic tree

Immerse yourself in reading

The wonderful world of poetry


Copyright © Accidental Poet 2017