The Boy of Gold and Stone.

There once was a boy and a girl: the boy was granite and soil, covered in trees, flowers and creatures, and the girl was born of Adam and Eve, blood and bone. She, stood in front of him, pick axe and drill to hand, and he stood with nothing to defend himself from her advance.

“Why are you digging into me?” asked the Boy, “Because I know there’s something pure in you,” she replied. She dug and dug further into the ground, endlessly searching for a shiny, glistening metal inside the boy. But when she found it, she took it, leaving a cavern where the metal once lived and the boy could feel nothing but a slight emptiness.

She kept coming back. She drilled and blasted deeper into his very foundation and took what she now knew was gold. She took more, and more, and more every time she said to him “I love you”. She made enough wealth to feel an endless thirst to take more gold, and when she found the last slivers of it in his increasingly-stone heart, he stopped her pick axe with his stone hands and begged her, “Enough!\"

But she took it anyway. Thunder only happens when it’s raining, Players only love you when they’re playing. And now he was a gold mine with only cold stone and hallow catacombs left in him, filled with the cold damp air of anger.